Making Brave Decisions

We all do it every day. So when making a decision do you take the easy road or the road less travelled?

The easy path is predictable and carries a false sense of security. False because there is no such thing as security in nature. Ego will drive many people down the path of convention. Without sufficient connection to soul, their base camp just isn’t stable enough to risk the unknown. Standing on shifting sands, their roots don’t travel far enough into the true self so they find it impossible to venture forth. It could be a new job, product, market, relationship or even a new life. An ego based choice will never lead to a colourful pallet, only beige.

A more adventurous personality will often try to push forward with one trembling foot while the other is still firmly frozen to the spot. They’ll dabble in the new instead of making a full commitment to it: token R&D budgets, retaining the poor performers while hiring new, organisational values initiatives while the CEO’s poor behaviour goes unchecked. 

No matter how hard we try to defy the laws of nature, true creativity means risking the unknown with all that we are. It’s a quality of spirit. The pioneering leader knows that the only way to bring fresh air into an organisation is to get off the beaten track. And that takes courage. The kind of courage that only comes by standing on the rock of faith in something bigger than yourself. Rooted in what truly matters, they care and therefore have the power to create real change.

The first step in making brave decisions is tuning into the voice of your soul. It means being able to listen without distraction. I’ve attached a link to my meditation ‘Asking the body yes or no’. You can download the mp3 file for free. Practice on small decisions and then build on your foundation to making bigger choices. The second step is to act. The only way beyond fear is through. And only you can take that step.

Every decision made from soul craving will gradually bring more and more life to an individual and their organisation. When was the last time you made a truly brave decision?

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