Think, work and live differently

My talks and workshops explore the field of personal alchemy and the transformation of our inner world in order to listen more deeply to our soul's knowing, release old paradigms and realise our true potential. It is a powerful message inspiring new levels of motivation and enthusiasm to think, live and work differently.

An award-winning Vistage speaker, I bring a challenging and progressive dimension to conferences, workshops and executive retreats. Most topics can be done as a 20-45 minute talk as part of a larger event, or as a half day or full day session on their own.

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The Awakened Leader Become a conscious leader and use your business as a force for good

Powerful leadership comes from a high level of self-awareness and a centre of consciousness rooted in soul rather than ego. Business leaders and entrepreneurs can be engines of social innovation however they need to awaken and become more conscious leaders in order to have real impact.

The Eye of Self Tap into intuition and make wiser decisions

Intuition or ‘gut-feeling’ is a powerful resource in creating success – if we choose to listen. With an overemphasis on purely rational thinking in today’s 24/7 world, intuition is often overlooked as business leaders struggle to swim in a sea of information overload. Those who learn to trust and attune to inner guidance make wiser decisions, find new opportunities and increase creativity and vitality. With continued practice, they become better people too.

Conscious Dreaming Unlock the wisdom of your dreams and transform your life

We live in two worlds, our conscious waking life and the mysterious world of our dreams.  Our dreams are an amazing resource for creative problem solving, shadow integration, moving beyond limiting beliefs, profound guidance and healing. However, it is not always easy to interpret our dreams and garner these gifts from the unconscious. Working in a group setting allows different perspectives on your dreams in a supportive environment.

Power Up Manage your energy not just your time

Leaders orchestrate organisational energy and can motivate or demoralise others by how well they manage their energy, mindset and behaviour on a daily basis. Like the rest of the universe, human beings are essentially energy systems, not purely psychological systems. Although time is finite, the amount and quality of personal energy we have at our disposal can be changed.

Release your Creative Genius Tap into your capacity for creativity and innovation

Creativity is innate in all of us but certain attitudes and a sense of discipline are required to release it. This session explores how to tap into the creative genius of the unconscious, awaken untapped potential and possibilities within ourselves, and allow hidden gifts to emerge. 


Juliette challenged our thinking, energised us, made us appreciate a different view of the world and did so with an impressive mixture of “tough love” and a genuine sense of caring. An excellent speaker who did more than we could ever have asked of her and delivered great value at our high profile Annual Conference.

Alastair Thomson, Dean, Teesside University Business School

Teesside University logo

…an extraordinary session. One of the most committed and passionate speakers I have seen. Her energy levels and use of group involvement is exceptional learning.

Peter Hills, Group Chairman, The Academy for Chief Executives

The Academy for Chief Executives logo

Outstanding...has to rank among the very best. A very thought provoking and professional performance.

Allan Wilkinson, Area Director, HSBC Bank plc

HSBC logo

Juliette created and delivered a fantastic, interactive seminar... in just 3 hours, she made 'leadership' something we all wanted to deliver and not just something we were inspired by.

Claire Doolin, HR Manager, Paperchase

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...loved it! Nine straight '10s' on content and delivery... voted her the best retreat speaker in the past 5 years.

Peter Chambers, Vistage Group Chairman

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Fantastic, maximum scores from everybody. Clean sweep of 10's. Juliette was honest, real, vulnerable and motivating. Unlike other speakers, she is very authentic, passionate and genuine. Great delivery.

Adrian Sharp, Vistage Group Chairman