A refreshingly different approach

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As a former chemical engineer with a decade of experience with chemicals giant ICI, turned coach and poet, I bring a refreshingly different approach to personal transformation.

My first career spanned process design, production management, sales and marketing, corporate communication and business management. It was worlds away from my working-class background in the council tenements of Glasgow. And, however 'successful' my life looked from the outside, everything was about to change.

On 20th February 1999, I experienced a profound awakening. The cocoon of my 'safe' world cracked open and nothing would ever be the same again. I could see my own energy field and for several hours felt an inner peace and connection beyond anything I had ever known. This paradigm shift in consciousness gave me new eyes to see where I no longer belonged and the courage to surrender to a path of personal transformation and re-orientation of my life and career. It is never easy to listen and respond to this deep call from within but I finally accepted that I was living the wrong life and started all over again from a blank page.

After a few years of bewildered soul-searching, I moved into the world of personal development in 2002, gained certification in coaching from the Coaches Training Institute and became an NLP and MBTI® practitioner, as well as an award-winning speaker for the leading chief executive organisation, Vistage. 

Dedicated to my own growth, I regularly attend a wide variety of programmes from transpersonal coaching to energy psychology, and use dreamwork, creative writing, art, meditation, shamanic practice and yoga as tools in my coaching practice and for my own awareness. Ironically, my former training in applied physics has proved invaluable in the field of personal alchemy.  I have written a daily journal for over twenty years working with my own dream material, and practised vipassana (insight) meditation since 2012, attending a 10-day silent retreat each year.

Having based most of my professional life in the industrial north of England, I returned to my native Scotland in 2013 and now live by the sea near Edinburgh, where I follow my passion for horses and poetry.

How I work

My progressive approach develops personal mastery, accelerates deep change and generates authenticity, energy and creativity.


To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing its best day and night to make you like everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle which any human being can fight and never stop fighting.

EE Cummings