Insight Retreat

Deep personal transformation and renewal in the company of like-minded people.

Group bookings only
Capacity: 12 people
Location: Eco Yoga Centre


True leadership is an inner quality. The deepest part of human nature urges each of us to rise above everyday circumstances and transcend our common nature. These personal shifts in awareness develop virtues such as responsibility, growth, love and service. The greatest need in leadership development today is an awakening and deeper development of our humanity.

Time in retreat allows us to step out of the complexity of life, to listen deeply to our body, heart and mind, develop insight and experience deeper personal growth.

Who is it for

Business leaders and entrepreneurs committed to personal growth and ready to take their life and work to the next level.

What will you learn

How does it work

Each day will follow a pattern of morning meditation, yoga and dream work followed by the exploration of specific topics and facilitated group exercises designed to deepen awareness, explore the conscious and unconscious factors that may be holding you back and discover new, perhaps unknown energies. Each day will close with meditation and silence.

Day 1 Evening arrival. Preparing the ground – centring the mind, clearing distractions

Day 2 Path of Self – awakening, stages of growth, human energy field, inner power

Day 3 Path of Relationship – emotional integrity, shadow self, forgiveness, healing dreams

Day 4 Path of Service – personal and global purpose, vision, community, connection

Day 5 Sealing the practice – integration into everyday practice. Late morning departure.

Personalised Coaching
Following the retreat you will receive a follow-up personal coaching session via Skype.

Development Forum
On-line mastermind group for 3 months post retreat.


"Absolutely fantastic retreat leader... gained tremendous insights... unheard of ratings for the group of 90%+"
Edmund Johnson, Vistage Group Chairman

"Juliette facilitated our 24 hour retreat with panache... members referred to her session many days later as 'brilliant' and 'the best yet'."
Edward Clifford, Vistage Group Chairman

"...loved it! Nine straight '10s' on content and delivery... voted her the best retreat Speaker in the past 5 years."
Peter Chambers, Vistage Group Chairman

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