Words can transform lives

The creative imagination is a powerful tool for personal growth. I enjoy working with the hidden layers and texture of human stories to stimulate growth, release creativity and deepen self-awareness. Moreover, sharing our stories and poems with others develops empathy, sincere listening skills and builds more authentic relationships.

You don't have to be a writer or artist to discover the personal and organisational power of metaphor. It's our own creative journey that initiates meaningful change and the written form itself often becomes incidental to the process.

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Mother Tongue Other Tongue

For the past four years, I’ve designed and facilitated the Mother Tongue Other Tongue (MTOT) workshops for SCILT (Scotland's national centre for languages) multilingual poetry competition in schools. The project enables teachers to inspire their pupils with the power of writing poetry as a way to honour both cultural identity and individuality.

“Every time Juliette runs MTOT workshops for us, teachers leave full of inspiration and enthusiasm, eager to take it all back to their own classrooms. Her professional and warm approach means that she has become a real friend of our organisation.” – Angela de Britos, Professional Development Officer, SCILT

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...get it out and get it said, get it on the page. It’s just about telling the truth, I think, your truth.

Tony Marchant