Words can transform lives

The ancient power of the arts in igniting imagination and giving meaning to life’s triumphs and tragedies is universal. This is particularly true of poetry and story.

Writing enables us to create order out of the chaos of difficult memories, finding wisdom in our experiences. The energy created when we experience major setbacks, betrayal or loss finds an outlet and in sharing the story with another, it is not ours alone. We move out of a sense of isolation, finding empathy and understanding with people who care. We come home.

Poetry has always had the capacity to touch the depths of my being since I was first introduced to the metaphysical poets at school. It is in my marrow. I know it is great poetry when I find myself salivating (absolutely true). 

I use poetry and story in my coaching programmes, workshops and retreats. Please don’t think you have to be a writer to discover the personal and organisational power of metaphor. Creative expression initiates the alchemy of transformation and the written form itself often becomes incidental to the process.

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Mother Tongue Other Tongue

For the past three years, I’ve designed and facilitated the Mother Tongue Other Tongue (MTOT) workshops for SCILT (Scotland's national centre for languages) multilingual poetry competition in schools. The project enables teachers to inspire their pupils with the power of writing poetry as a way to honour both cultural identity and individuality.

“Every time Juliette runs MTOT workshops for us, teachers leave full of inspiration and enthusiasm, eager to it all back to their own classrooms. Her professional and warm approach means that she has become a real friend of our organisation.” – Angela de Britos, Professional Development Officer, SCILT

...get it out and get it said, get it on the page. It’s just about telling the truth, I think, your truth.

Tony Marchant