Deep personal transformation and a new level of leadership.

Workshops & Retreats

Swap distractions for stillness, connect with like minds and be inspired by fresh thinking.


Inspiring keynotes challenging leaders to think, work and live differently.

A new level of leadership

A leaders personal state of consciousness is the most significant factor in individual and organisational success.

Blending a background in chemical engineering with the sensitivity of a poet and the grit of twenty years of inner transformation, I facilitate the personal and spiritual growth of business leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers.

To develop the highest levels of leadership, characterised by integrity, humility, empathy and positive social change, requires a fundamental change in perception at the root level of the unconscious mind. My psychospiritual approach increases self-awareness and depth of character by connecting with the wisdom of the unconscious through energy psychology, shadow, dream work, poetry and mindfulness, thereby releasing more of the true Self.

It is a powerful methodology honed over fifteen years of working with over 400 CEO's, entrepreneurs and business leaders. It inspires new levels of motivation and enthusiasm to think, work and live differently.

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NEW Women's Mastermind Groups

Like-minded female leaders growing together in conscious leadership at work and in life.


Unravels issues, thoughts and emotions that have been locked away for years. Juliette truly cares and puts everything into it. I have been fortunate to spend time in her presence.

Adam Harris, Vistage Group Chairman

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Gifted. Inspirational. Connected. Juliette is an amazing leader and her programmes truly touch the soul.

Monica Visconti-Patel, Senior Director, CA Technologies

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Juliette is a truly exceptional coach. Both my team and peers have seen a dramatic difference in how I deal with different situations and individuals. After twenty years in industry, she is the first person, in any walk of life, that I have recommended without hesitation.

John McHale, Business Senior Manager, Tata Steel

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Juliette has an incredible gift of telling me what I need to hear - not necessarily what I want to hear - and it's done with great compassion. I am a better leader because of it.

Tony Schaffer, Head of Corporate Comms & Media Relations, Rio Tinto

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Juliette’s programme was truly inspirational. She connected to the audience immediately and her intuitive nature enabled her to get to the crux of issues quickly. I learned a lot about myself which I use on a daily basis.

Jackie Lang, Director, Regis Corp

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Lead us to uncomfortable and challenging places...voted by our members as the best retreat ever. Enthusiasm, passion, sense of fun and excellent, sincere listening skills...a lasting effect.

Peter Doggett, Vistage Group Chairman

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Juliette is an excellent coach...she possesses deep insight and perception which dive to the heart of an issue.

Ben Jenkinson, HR Director, Johnson Matthey Catalysts

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Juliette leads you to answer your own questions in a way that is truly inspirational. She has gained the trust of our senior management team, coaching them to become the leaders they really want to be.

Cath Anderson, HR Business Partner, Grass Valley

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