The Eye of Leadership

Twelve week programme accelerating personal mastery and leadership capability.

1-2-1 coaching and self-study modules


Are you an open-minded business leader committed to personal growth?
Would you like to use your business as a platform for creating a better society? 
Do you, and does your company, have the courage to be changed in the process?

More CEO’s and the younger generation of Millennial's believe that business should have a positive impact on society beyond accumulating profit. Business leaders and entrepreneurs can be engines of social innovation however they need to live the connection between their self-development and social impact.

To develop the highest levels of leadership, characterised by compassion, integrity, humility and empathy, requires a change in perception at the root level of the unconscious mind and heart. Integrating the conscious with the unconscious mind releases more of the true Self and radically increases awareness. Not only will you achieve greater levels of energy and creativity, you will become a more authentic, harmonious and wiser leader.

Ultimately, you become a leader who can effect significant change in the world.

Who is it for

Open-minded business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their personal and spiritual growth, and discover new ways of being with a positive impact on society.

Programme outline

My psycho-spiritual approach develops personal mastery, accelerates deep change and generates authenticity, energy and creativity. Daily meditation, dreamwork and shadow work are core elements of the programme.

Please get in touch for a more detailed overview.

What you will learn

How does it work

This twelve week programme combines personal coaching sessions with private study modules: 


"There are very few moments when someone touches you very deeply in a leadership programme, meeting Juliette was one of those rare moments. Her passion, motivation and ability to connect with each of us, is second to none. She created a safe environment for all of us to open up, start listening to our inner-self and increase our self-awareness... a huge impact on me personally and professionally."
Sevi Tufekci, Vice-President, Solution Sales, CA Technologies

“Enlightening, inspiring, fun and challenging. Juliette very quickly identified the areas that I needed to work on and as a result my self-awareness and confidence increased markedly over our time together.”
Dave Stollery, VP Operations, Pace Enterprise

“Invites life change. Juliette created space for my best self to emerge, genuinely cares about her client and shares ownership in their success.”
Craig Tingey, Senior HR Manager Diamonds & Minerals, Rio Tinto

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