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Opening to your genuine potential begins with discovering your true Self and developing a conscious relationship with that inner Self. Motivation changes as you shift your centre of consciousness from ego to soul by fostering a sacred dimension to life and work. Over time, you will experience greater peace, wisdom, self-awareness and vitality as well as take your life to an as yet unimagined level.

Having re-written both my personal and professional life from a blank page, I know how to tap into your true Self. I can help you release energy and creativity, transform emptiness and frustration into fulfilment, find more peace and joy, and create a deeply meaningful life and work which has real impact in the world. 

But first there is the process of confronting the false self, the illusions and tenacity of the ego before we can surrender to our true Self. 

My intuitive and empathic approach has catalysed the transformation of hundreds of business leaders and entrepreneurs for over fifteen years, bringing deeper meaning and success to their personal and professional lives as well the lives of those they touch. 

If you are ready to discover an entirely new level of possibility in your life and work, please get in touch

Who is this for

Business leaders and entrepreneurs committed to personal growth and ready to take their life and work to the next level.

My clients range from those who are just beginning an inner journey, to those who are already dedicated to their growth and seek an even deeper awareness.

They are courageous people who understand that the root of all influence lies in one's inner being and they are willing to dig deep in order to grow and create exciting lives and leading edge businesses.

This is not for

My approach does not work for those who limit themselves to living a materialist point of view and who reject communication with the unconscious, believing only logic, facts and rational analysis matter.

How does it work?

Transformative leadership comes from a high level of self-awareness and a centre of consciousness rooted in soul rather than ego. My coaching programmes accelerate personal growth, release more creativity and compassion, and firmly establish new ways of thinking, working and living.

I have an innate ability to identify the blocks holding you back. Expect me to dig deep and hold you accountable to becoming the very best version of yourself in a way that is both compassionate and challenging.

Your coaching programme is customised to meet your individual needs. My alchemical approach has been honed over fifteen years of professional coaching practice and twenty years of personal spiritual practice. I integrate depth psychology and science with ancient wisdom, including objective assessment and 360 feedback. There is an emphasis on symbolism, meditation, shadow, dreamwork and intuition throughout my work.


What you will learn

Investment: priced individually

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Alchemical Coaching Monthly soul guidance

Feeling called to take your development even deeper? The further along the path you go, the more difficult refining the body, mind and spirit becomes. There are many pitfalls and often strange psychic states will manifest. Having experienced this myself, I know how to navigate these stages of spiritual growth.

Meditation practice, shadow, dreamwork, symbolism and intuition are integral to working at this level.

Who is this for

You have grown beyond 'fixing' and achieved a sufficient level of personal autonomy and awareness of your shadow. Having sufficiently worked through your ego complexes and dependencies, superconscious energies and spiritual devotion are naturally breaking through in your daily meditation practice.

Natural is important. There are many who try to force their growth with the use of psychedelics. This may free the imagination but does not develop your faculty of mental discrimination or spiritual backbone. Personal growth is about about changing behavioural traits not states. Sudden access to altered states of consciousness through substances does not lead to long term changes in character. 

The developmental stages of psychological and spiritual growth are not linear of course but our intake conversation will establish which level of development you appear to be at.

Please note, I have a limited number of spaces for working at this level of depth and intensity.


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Personalised development plan and monthly accountability

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