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Leadership development and personal mastery for extraordinary impact.

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My coaching programmes accelerate personal mastery, release more creativity, compassion and joy, and firmly establish new ways of thinking, working and living. You will become an extraordinary leader, able to make a real difference in your company and community by integrating spiritual development into day-to-day work life.

I have an innate ability to identify the blocks holding you back. Expect me to dig deep and hold you accountable to becoming the very best version of yourself in a way that is both compassionate and challenging.

Who is this for

Business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their personal growth and shake up organisational paradigms to create new ways of working with heart and soul.

My clients range from those who are just beginning an inner journey to those who are already dedicated to their spiritual growth and seek an even deeper awareness.

Please note, I select my clients carefully based on depth of commitment to their spiritual path. 

What you will gain

Individual benefit

Business benefit

How does it work

My alchemical approach has been honed over fifteen years of professional coaching practice and twenty years of personal spiritual practice. It integrates western psychology with Jungian, Buddhist and Shamanic principles including objective assessment and 360 feedback.

Daily meditation, dreams and shadow work are core elements of my work.

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My executive coach profile


"Juliette has an incredible gift of telling me what I need to hear - not necessarily what I want to hear - and it's done with great compassion. I am a better leader because of it."
Tony Schaffer, Head of Corporate Communications & Media Relations, Rio Tinto

"I instantly connected with Juliette… an inspirational, intuitive and perceptive leader. Her coaching gave me a great deal of clarity and stronger belief in my own convictions and gut feeling." 
Elaine Clarke, Chief Executive, Baa Bar Ltd

"Juliette has an unerring ability to get to the root cause of any issues, gave immediate insight into my relationship with my team and offers practical and effective solutions to those issues with a profound and positive effect. I greatly enjoyed our work together and engaged her to work with a further two members of my team. I can't recommend Juliette highly enough!"
Alex Ruston, MD Precision Lighting and Remote Controlled Lighting

"Juliette is an excellent coach...she possesses deep insight and perception which dive to the heart of an issue."
Ben Jenkinson, HR Director, Johnson Matthey Catalysts

"An invaluable experience. Juliette always strikes the right balance between knowing when to push hard and when to take a softer approach, and isn't afraid to challenge mindsets and ideas. What started out as a business related journey resulted in a positive shift across all aspects of my life, and for that I am truly thankful."

Guy Cohen, Senior Manager OD Diamonds & Minerals, Rio Tinto

"Juliette is a truly exceptional coach. Both my team and peers have seen a dramatic difference in how I deal with different situations and individuals. After twenty years in industry, she is the first person, in any walk of life, that I have recommended without hesitation."
John McHale, Business Senior Manager, Tata Steel

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