Executive Retreats

Deep personal transformation and renewal for individuals and teams.

Bespoke business retreats


True leadership is an inner quality. At the leading edge of personal transformation, my retreats take strategic off-site days to a whole new level. They explore the crucial role of our inner Self in becoming wiser, stronger and more authentic leaders. These personal shifts in awareness develop wisdom, compassion, courage and vision.

The greatest need in leadership development today is an awakening and deepening of our humanity.

An award-winning speaker for leading chief executive organisation, Vistage, I have designed and facilitated over 60 business retreats in the past ten years, challenging the hearts and minds of over 400 CEO's and MD's across the UK.

Who is it for

Business leaders and entrepreneurs committed to personal growth and ready to take their life and work to the next level.

How does it work

Time in retreat allows us to step out of the complexity of life, to listen deeply to our body, heart and mind, develop insight and experience deeper personal growth. My retreats are designed to meet the unique needs of your management team. 

Please note that there is an emphasis on meditation, shadow, dreams, symbolism and intuition throughout my work.

Personalised Coaching
Following the retreat you will receive follow-up personal coaching sessions via Zoom.

Development Forum
On-line mastermind group post retreat.


Fantastic, maximum scores 10.0's from everybody. Clean sweep. Juliette was honest, real, vulnerable and motivating. Unlike other speakers, she was very authentic and passionate. Genuine and great delivery.
Adrian Sharp, Vistage Group Chairman

Unravels issues, thoughts and emotions that have been locked away for years. Juliette truly cares and puts everything into it. I have been fortunate to spend time in her presence.
Adam Harris, Vistage Group Chairman

...lead us to uncomfortable and challenging places...voted by our members as the best ever. Enthusiasm, passion, sense of fun and excellent, sincere listening skills...a lasting effect.
Peter Doggett, Vistage Group Chairman

Absolutely fantastic... gained tremendous insights... unheard of ratings for the group of 90%+
Edmund Johnson, Vistage Group Chairman

Juliette facilitated our 24 hour retreat with panache... members referred to her session many days later as 'brilliant' and 'the best yet'. Well recommended.
Edward Clifford, Vistage Group Chairman

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