1-2-1 Life Coaching

A deep dive into what is alive within you now and where you feel stuck.

"The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek." Joseph Campbell

Please note that I have limited capacity for life coaching work and there is currently a waiting list of 8 weeks.


You may be asking questions about new ways to live your personal and professional life. Perhaps you want to bring a spiritual context to your life and make a difference in society and the world at large. Maybe you seek a different path beyond struggle to bring more compassion and an open heart to your world.

To do this, you need to know how to transform yourself and your history, and learn different ways to be with yourself and in relationship to others. This is an inner journey of psychospiritual development, a journey to evoke the person that you truly are!

Expect me to dig deep and hold you accountable to becoming the very best version of yourself in a way that is both compassionate and challenging.

Who is this for

My clients range from those who are just beginning an inner journey to those who are already dedicated to their personal growth and feel the pull to seek an even deeper awareness and greater impact in the world. Please note that I have limited capacity for life coaching work and there is currently a waiting list of 8 weeks.

Areas we might explore


Having coached in the business arena for many years, I have responded to the call from clients to offer my services on a personal basis where the level of inquiry can go much deeper. My private coaching rates are therefore set at an affordable price point but where there is sufficient investment that you actually do the work.

Block booking:

£900 for 6 sessions of 1 hour via Zoom 

One session: £175 for 1 hour via Zoom

How does it work

My psychospiritual approach integrates Jungian and Buddhist principles with energy psychology, creativity, dreamwork, meditation and shamanic healing practices together with Western psychology. Its a powerful combination and effects deep and lasting change.


"Invites life change. Juliette created space for my best self to emerge. Genuinely cares about her client and shares ownership in their success."
Craig Tingey

"I instantly connected with Juliette… an inspirational, intuitive and perceptive coach. Her coaching gave me a great deal of clarity and stronger belief in my own convictions and gut feeling."
Elaine Clarke

"Gifted. Inspirational. Connected. Juliette is an amazing coach and her programmes truly touch the soul."
Monica Visconti-Patel

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