Being your true self is a discipline, a spiritual practice

Slowing down and being more present has never been more vital. We move so fast and without real awareness that we barely enjoy even one minute of life. Our modern lifestyle exacts a great price in terms of health, our relationships and our peace of mind. Meditation offers a solution to this crazy way of living because it slows down the mind and anchors our attention in the present reality, connecting us with the truth deep inside.

Inner experience of the truth has the power to set us free because it simultaneously reveals everything false within us and our true Self, the divine seed at the core of our being. However, accessing that truth requires the discipline of a daily mediation practice.

Insight meditation or vipassana is a method of self-purification by introspection. I’ve practiced daily since 2012 and take a silent 10-day retreat each year. Insight meditation is a step beyond mindfulness practice. Mindfulness helps focus the mind and sharpen awareness however once the mind is concentrated enough, the changing nature of mind and matter can be observed directly within the framework of one’s own body. This is vipassana or insight meditation.

With continued practice, meditation releases the knots tied by old habits of reacting in an unbalanced way and releases more of our true nature. It builds tolerance to life’s difficulties, finding ways of dealing with them that are healthy and productive. As a result, we naturally become wiser, happier and healthier

Silence is the language of God, all else is poor translation.