Revitalise your life

The vital energy of life (called Chi in Chinese or Prana in Indian cultures) can be found in every living thing. Although to the human eye many things look solid, all living things are actually a mass of electromagnetic energy constantly in flux. This energy field is often described as an aura.

Most difficulties are a combination of energy imbalance at more than one level – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Usually when we feel exhausted, overwhelmed, unfocused, stuck or ungrounded, these are signs that there is a block to the natural flow of energy.

Energy work tunes into the subtle fields listening for where energy feels low, stuck, agitated, painful or heavy. The aim is to facilitate connection with the Infinite and help energy flow at all levels of your being creating health and vitality for body, mind, emotions and spirit.

All matter is just light vibrating at different frequencies.

Albert Einstein