Deep personal transformation

Accelerate your personal growth and effectiveness

Develop deeper meaning in your work and life

Become happier and more creative

Self-actualised leaders can effect significant change in the world. My unique coaching programmes develop personal mastery, increase self-awareness and depth of character by working with the unconscious using energy psychology, shadow integration, dream work, poetry and mindfulness. My work has a deep and lasting impact. Read some testimonials below. 

Bespoke one-to-one coaching

Who is it for?
With over fifteen years of experience coaching business leaders and entrepreneurs, my clients range from those who are just beginning inner work, to those already dedicated to their growth and who seek a deeper level of awareness and impact in the world.

Coaching is tailored to meet your specific needs. Programmes are designed to fit in with today’s demanding work schedules combining face-to-face consultations with Skype, typically over a period of nine to twelve months.

Expect me to dig deep and hold you accountable to becoming the best version of yourself in a way that is both compassionate and challenging. 

The Eye of Leadership

A twelve week intensive personal growth programme designed to effect profound changes in awareness and behaviour at every level.

Who is it for?
This programme is for open-minded business leaders and entrepreneurs who want to accelerate their personal growth and discover a new way of thinking, working and living.

This on-line programme combines private study modules with virtual seminars and one-to-one coaching sessions.

Development Forum

An on-line community of leaders, entrepreneurs and change makers committed to their on-going personal growth and creating a positive social impact in their families, workplace and communities. Members have participated either in my one-to-one coaching programmes or The Eye of Leadership, an intensive twelve week personal growth programme.

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Juliette is a truly exceptional coach. Both my team and peers have seen a dramatic difference in how I deal with different situations and individuals. After twenty years in industry, she is the first person, in any walk of life, that I have recommended without hesitation.

John McHale, Business Senior Manager, Tata Steel

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Juliette has an incredible gift of telling me what I need to hear - not necessarily what I want to hear - and it's done with great compassion. I am a better leader because of it.

Tony Schaffer, Head of Corporate Comms & Media Relations, Rio Tinto

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I instantly connected with Juliette… an inspirational, intuitive and perceptive leader. Her coaching gave me a great deal of clarity and stronger belief in my own convictions and gut feeling.

Elaine Clarke, Chief Executive, Baa Bar Ltd

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Juliette is an excellent coach...she possesses deep insight and perception which dive to the heart of an issue.

Ben Jenkinson, HR Director, Johnson Matthey Catalysts

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Invites life change. Juliette created space for my best self to emerge, genuinely cares about her client and shares ownership in their success.

Craig Tingey, Senior HR Manager, Diamonds & Minerals, Rio Tinto

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Enlightening, inspiring, fun and challenging. Juliette very quickly identified the areas that I needed to work on and as a result my self-awareness and confidence increased markedly over our time together.

Dave Stollery, VP Operations, Pace Enterprise

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An invaluable experience. Juliette always strikes the right balance between knowing when to push hard and when to take a softer approach, and isn't afraid to challenge mindsets and ideas. What started out as a business related journey resulted in a positive shift across all aspects of my life, and for that I am truly thankful.

Guy Cohen, Senior Manager OD Diamonds & Minerals, Rio Tinto

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