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Leadership is in crisis globally. Climate change, corporate corruption and political posturing. Edelman Trust Barometer found that 76% believe CEO’s should lead change rather than waiting for government to impose it and 75% believe that their most trusted change partner is their employer. How do we develop business leaders and entrepreneurs to be the engines of social change?

Transformative leadership comes from a high level of self-awareness and a centre of consciousness rooted in soul rather than ego. Business leaders and entrepreneurs can be engines of social innovation however they need to live the connection between self-development and outer impact. They need to awaken and become more conscious leaders.

A fish rots from the head. There is a direct link between leadership behaviour and culture. Universally toxic behaviours of greed, hatred and delusion are behind all corruption and the systems that support it. As Bertrand Russell said, “Man knows how to fly in the air like a bird, he knows how to swim in the water like a fish but to live among other human beings, he does not know.” Even though our very survival is in question, we are still looking at the leadership crisis superficially.

Einstein said, a problem cannot be solved from the same state of consciousness that created it. The whole subject of leadership can often become a purely academic and unrealisable exercise. Many leadership development and change programmes focus on the left brain, the neocortex which governs analytical ability. Some even go as far as including the right brain, the limbic system, which governs emotional awareness. This kind of intellectual and emotional development does not go far enough. It does not deal with the fundamental problem; how to transform the very roots of human nature.

How do we change deep-seated selfish motives rooted in power and prestige to motives rooted in truth and compassion?

How do we shift our centre of consciousness from ego to soul?

How do we develop awakened leaders?

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