A Calm Mind

If we all learned how to calm our minds, we could change the world as quietly as a whisper. There is a great need to learn the ‘unforced rhythms of grace’. Stress has recently been called the “health epidemic of the 21st century”, by the World Health Organisation, and is probably one of the biggest challenges that our society will face in the foreseeable future.

Now is all we have. Mindfulness, or being fully present, has the power to transform our racing minds and our perspective on life. Instead of reacting to situations out of unconscious patterns of thinking, with greater awareness we can choose wiser responses to people and external events.

I have worked with business professionals and entrepreneurs for over fifteen years. Many have learned to open their minds and expand their consciousness through meditation and working with their dreams and shadow material. In bringing their unconscious issues to the surface, they have transformed their thinking and therefore their lives.

It takes courage to face the truth of ourselves and our lives. Silence and solitude are threatening to the ego. Sadly, too many people are held deeply by the ego’s fearful mantra that perceived safety and security matter more than growth. Listening to the endless chatter of the fearful ego leads to dissipating time and energy without purpose, and ultimately emotional and spiritual bankruptcy.

If we cannot connect with stillness and find true stability in the ground of our being, we cannot lead wise lives or lead others in any way worthy of the word leadership. Lost to sensationalism, our dulled sensitivities are unable to listen with our whole being and discern the right way forward in any given situation. Insecurity grips the mind and we become neurotic and self-centred. 

There is another way. It is the development of a calm mind through the daily practice of meditation. Meditation will break down these unhealthy patterns and open up new ways of seeing ourselves and the world.

Begin. And begin again.

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